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Primavara in mainile mele

Flori salbatice in Irlanda

Plante in Malta

Parcul Carol

Minunile primaverii-renastere


Parcul Tineretului- Bucuresti


Pat de flori


Proiectul Scoala arborilor 

proiectul Save Energy

Frunze uscate

The Green Planet

Save our planet

Captain Planet

Curatenie in parc


Sanatate in mijlocul naturiii

Sport in aer liber

Colectae de maculatura

Bucurie in natura

Picnic la iarba verde 

Podoabe pentru pomul de iarna


O floare intre flori

Lacul, iarna

Poluare in Bucuresti

Mister??Sau poulare...

Protejam mediul


Radu Oana- Camping 
Cocicodar Andreea- In padure

Andreescu Dana- Nu calcati iarba! 
Andreescu Dana- Nu rupeti florile! 

Andreescu Dana- Inca o zi

Andeescu Dana- gandacel
Andreescu Dana- Plaja

Radu Oana- Viata in Baragan

Radu Oana- In oglinda 

Radu Oana- Flori 


·         Concursul interjudetean „ Monumente istorice-marturii ale trecutului localitatii mele”, organizat de IS al jud Alba, Grupul Scolar Industrial Sebes, Editia a II a, 10 decembrie 2011. Rezultatele obtinute de elevii participanti la sectiunea Creatie literara:
PREMIUL I- Baltag Alin ( Cimitirul Bellu)
PREMIUL III- Nita Daniela( Casa memoriala Tudor Arghezi)
MENTIUNE- Postolache Ginel( Parcul Carol)

·         Proiectul national „ In slujba naturii- Anotimpuri si vietuitoare”, editia a II a, avizat de ISJ Iasi cu nr.8849/15.11/2011, aflat in CAEN MECTS poz.599, pagina 20
Concurs interjudetean „Parfum si culoare de toamna, Etapa I, noiembrie 2011, sectiunea Creatie literara
PREMIUL II- Barbuceanu Costin
Diplome de participare: Bitan Gabriel, Marculescu Cornelia
Acord de parteneriat
Concurs interjudetean „ Maiastra iarna”, atapa a Iia” februarie 2012, Sectiunea Creatii literare
PREMIUL II- Ionescu Paula
PREMIUL I- Barbuceanu Costin

·         Concursul internaţional de fotografie din cadrul proiectului „ Excursia ca metoda de instruire”, editia III, organizator: Şcoala Cu Clasele I-VIII ‚PETRE DULFU’ Baia Mare – judeţul Maramureş, martie 2012 ( Bitan gabriel, Nita daniela)
MENTIUNE – Nita Daniela
PREMIUL II- Bitan Gabriel

·         Concursul judetean „ Frumuseti ale naturii vazute prin ochii de copil”, editia a IIa, organizata de Grupul Scolar Industrial Sebes, 12 mai 2012.
PREMIUL I- Marculescu Cornelia( Creatie literara)
PREMIUL III-Brabuceanu Rita( Craetie literara)
PREMIUL III-Andreescu Dana(Power Point)
MENTIUNE- Pacuraru Diana( Creatie literara) 

Concursul National  de arta fotografica „ Trasee in alb-negru si color”, organizat de Clubul Copiilor „ Spiru Haret”, Barlad, mai 2012.
PREMIUL II- Bitan Gabriel
MENTRIUNE- Constantinescu Andrei

·         Concurs national de ecologie, in cadrul proiectului „ Natura- monument viu”, nov 2011, Calendarul activităţilor educative regionale şi  interjudeţene – anul 2011  poziţia 27.Organizator: Şcoala cu clasele I-VIII  Priboieni – Argeş.Sectiunea Creatii literare( Bitan Gabriel-I live too; Manucu cristina- Save energy for the future; Badea Catalina- Save our lives)
MENTIUNE- Bitan Gabriel

 Proiect de partenriat educational „ Avem o singura planeta”, organizator Scoala cu cls.I-VIII nr 4, Fetesti, iunie 2012. Sectiunea: eseuri( Brabuceanu Rita- save our planet; Pacuraru Diana-The palnet Earth; Chican Costin- The green planet; Stancioiu Madalina- In the service of nature; Munteanu Ana- For a better wold; Cristescu Mara- The environment)
PREMIUL I- Chican Costin
PREMIUL I- Cristescu Mara
PREMIUL I- Barbuceanu Rita
PREMIUL I- Stancioiu Madalina
PREMIUL I- Pacuraru Diana
PREMIUL I- Munteanu Ana

·         Concursul interjudetean de creatie literara artistico-plastica „Sarbatoarea Crizantemelor”, organizat de Grupul Scolar „Nicolae Balcescu”, Flamanzi, jud Botosani, editia I, CAER 2011, pozitia 147.
PREMIUL II- Manucu  Cristina
PREMIUL III-Bitan Gabriel

·         Concursul regional „Padurea, sursa de inspiratie”( CAER 2012, pozitia 25), organizat de clubul Copiilor Curtea de Arges si Scoala nr.6 „Basarab I”  :
LOCUL III- Radu Oana- fotografie
PREMIUL SPECIAL- Marculescu Cornelia-eseu limba engleza
Concursul national „Pentru sanatatea pamantului- Ocrotind natura, salvam viata pe pamant”, editia a V a, proiect inclus CAERI 2012 , nr.717( ceartii literare in limba engleza) :
PREMIUL I- Barbuceanu Rita
PREMIUL II- Stacioiu Madalina
PREMIUL III- Chican Costin
  Programul national „English-My Love”, organizat de Consiliul Director al Asociatiei pentru Tineret OLIMP, mai 2012:
MENTIUNE- Ionescu Maria
MENTIUNE- Nastasie Raul
MENTIUNE- Tudorache Christian
MENTIUNE- Popescu Sabina
MENTIUNE- Nica Bianca
Concursul national dedicat Zilei Pamantului „ Ocrotind natura, salvam viata pe Terra”, organizat de Agentia pentru protectia mediului Neamt, ECO Scoala cu cls.I-VIII Girov, Ed.a Va, (Concursul este aprobat în CAERI la nr. 717), aprilie 2012.
 Sectiunea creatie lietrara
Sectiunea CD- exlemple de bune practivi pentru profesori
PREMIUL I- Porf. Theodorescu Daniela
( Stancioiu Madalina- In the service of nature; Cristescu Mara- The environment; Chican Costin- The green palnet; Pacuraru Diana- The planet Earth; Barbuceanu rita- Save the planet). Sectiunea CD-uri pentru profesori
  Concurs de creatii literare „Avem o singura planeta”, organizat de Scoala cu cls.I-VIII nr.4, Fetesti, jud. Ialomita
PREMIUL I- Chican Costin
PREMIUL I- Munteanu Ana
PREMIUL I- Pacuraru Diana
PREMIUL I- Stancioiu Madalina
PREMIUL I- Barbuceanu Rita
PREMIUL I- Cristescu Mara

·         In cadrul proiectelor eLanguages, elevii nostri au desfasurat urmatoarele proiecte: „World of flowers” ( parteneri, scoli din: Egipt, India, Thailanda,Croatia, Indonezia, Coreea, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, UK, Romania) Digital photo exchange, Our Day

marți, 17 iulie 2012

Save energy!
            Energy is one of the most fundamental parts of our universe. We use energy to do work. Energy lights our cities. Energy powers our vehicles, trains, planes and rockets. Energy warms our homes, cooks our food, plays our music, gives us pictures on television. Energy powers machinery in factories and tractors on a farm.   Energy from the sun gives us light during the day. It dries our clothes when they're hanging outside on a clothes line. It helps plants grow. Energy stored in plants is eaten by animals, giving them energy. Everything we do is connected to energy in one form or another.  We really can change the world with just one light bulb. The key is that the more people that take this step, the more we can change the world!                                              If you buy things that can be used over and over instead of buying disposable items that are used once and then thrown away, you will save precious natural resources.          You'll also save energy used to make them, and you'll reduce the amount of landfill space we need when they are thrown away.                                                               When your family goes shopping, think about taking bags with you. Only about 700 paper bags can be made from one 15-year-old tree. A large grocery store can use that many bags before lunch! Plastic bags start out as either oil or natural gas. Oil and natural gas are non-renewable resources. This means they can't be reused, and when they are all gone, they are gone forever. And throw-away bags add a lot of pollution to the environment. If plastic and paper bags are used once and go to landfills, they stay there for hundreds of years some stores offer discounts for people who use their own bags. For every bag reused, they give money back - usually about five cents for each bag.  Turn off the toys and games that use batteries when you are not playing with them that makes the batteries last longer, and you won't need as many of them. Forty percent of all battery sales are made during the holiday season. Ask for holiday gifts that do not require batteries. Ask your parents to buy rechargeable batteries and a recharge!                          Don't keep the refrigerator door open any longer than you need to! Close it to keep the cold air inside! Also, make sure the door closes securely. Wasting water wastes electricity. Why? Because the biggest use of electricity in most cities is supplying water and cleaning it up after it's been used!  Another simple way to save water and energy is to take shorter showers. You'll use less hot water - and water heaters account for nearly 1/4 of your home's energy use.  Turn off your electric blanket when you aren't in bed!                                               We also must move furniture away from radiators to allow heat circulate!          Americans use as much energy as necessary to heat their homes. That accounts for a lot of wasted energy! Think about your curtains. Keeping the curtains closed on cold, cloudy days helps block the cold outside air from getting inside. Also, keeping the curtains closed on very hot days keeps the hot air out!                                                  Also in the Christmas time we use a lot of energy that is not necessary, I mean the Christmas lights, we could let them on just on that night, not all day long, like we do!  Turn off the TV when no one is watching it! The same goes for computers, radios and stereos - if no one using it, turn it off! Turn off all the appliances at the surge protector/control strip - that four- or six-plug extension chord that you plug all your computer things into. Some devices, like modems or other networking boxes are drawing small amounts of power all the time. Check with your folks first, but the best thing to do is turn them all off at the surge protector.  
 If every American recycled his or her newspaper just one day a week, we would save about 36 million trees a year. You can save a tree for every four feet of paper you recycle. It takes half as much energy to make recycled newspaper as it takes to make fresh newsprint from trees.                                                                  
We must all conserve energy and use it efficiently. Look who many ways are to save energy! You just try to respect them! It isn’t so hard, also it is thriftier!  The future is ours, but we need energy to get there!

Stroe Alina 


luni, 13 februarie 2012

Dear spring...(Simion Bianca)

Dear Spring, please come again!

Spring usually arrives in my town in March, every single year. But now winter is the queen of my city. I love snow very much, even if it is very cold and I can't wear my frilly dresses and my sandals.
I think that spring is a miracle of nature, because everything comes to life again, after a long period of freezing weather. Plants and animals wait for us in the woods, where the fresh air is perfect for everybody.
I love spring and it's my favorite season. Everything smells so good. Flowers are all over and Mother's Day is so special. Maybe this priod of the year makes it so special.
Please, spring, come again! I need you!